If you're going to bring the drama, please, for entertainment value, do it in open room. 
Chat will likely have foul language, unpopular political and religious topics, sexual banter, 
edgy avatars, and uncensored music and Role Playing. 
If you should have issues with any chatters while chatting at Solitary Confinement, 
please deal with it on your own. We're not interested in getting involved in chatter disputes, 
unless one of us have helped create it.  You are of course welcome to contact someone, 
anyone who might matter to care. We don't, nor won't.
Chat is supposed to be fun, So relax, remove the stick out your ass, Be yourself, and have a BLAST!
-=©=- Enjoy -=©=-

No illegal/legal role playing actions permitted without permission from Sarchotic or Sita Site owned and maintained by Sarchotic and Sita Family Owned - Family Ran ~ Family Shyt ~ ©Sarchotic - Sita© ©sarchotic-pr0ductionz© © Solitary Confinement 12-17-2014

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