~~Love Gone Wrong~~

Love gone wrong
In this cyber world of ours,
love can go very wrong
for any and all of us.

You meet that special one
and thin they will be
the only 'one'
the only one for me.

You talk about everything
nothing is kept secret.
Then you learn of the lying.
you start feeling regret.

Think to yourself
you gave 100%.
They thought of themselves,
and only gave 50%.

Love has gone wrong.
They have others they give to.
You trusted in a love gone wrong.
They will not give 100% too.

You give all you have.
All they do is take.
They cannot seem to give,
are they just a fake?

No, they are just selfish,
they cannot give to only one.
Maybe that is how they punish
themselves for not loving only one.

~~K.D.May 2002~~