What would the world be
if no one ever had to feel lost.
If everyone could be free
and be loved the most.

But that is not real,
most just don't care.
They don't care how you feel,
or what burdens you bear.

You can give all that you are
to everyone you know.
But most just take and take,
and never give in return.

So where are you left.
Lost and alone in this world.
Feeling like you are nothing,
nothing but a burden.

Alone with nothing
and no one that cares.
You could vanish and no one
would even notice.

You go out of your way
to please everyone.
But you find that
it does not matter what you do.

No one needs you.
No one wants you.
No one care about you.
You don't matter!

K.D. 25 June 2009