~~Is it Possible?~~

Is it possible,
to get over the One Great Love?
I do not think is it possible,
to get over the One Great Love.

Even thought he is gone,
forever from my life.
I will live it out alone,
and never be anothers wife.

I gave him all that was me,
but he chose to throw it away.
Now I know it will never be,
because he is so far away.

Even when so close,
that I can reach out and touch.
No one ever knows,
how I miss him so much.

I suppose it will never be,
we will never know.
My heart will always be,
his forever and always now.

Try as I might,
it is not possible.
To get through even one night,
without him there in the shadow.

~~K.D. 25 November 2002~~