~~At Peace~~

You stole my heart.
I know not how.
But you caused a great hurt.
It is mine to get over now.

The pain and the anger,
will eventually fade.
I will be stronger,
because of the hurt you made.

You think you have won,
but you never will.
For in my heart you are gone,
all you did was for nil.

I look back on our life.
Chalk it up as a lesson learned.
Think about the grief,
never again will I be burned.

You taught me well,
about deceit and lies.
You have made your hell,
and I have my life back.

I found my pride,
I have my heart.
By my rules you will abide,
if I choose again to give away my heart.

I give of myself out of love,
not because it is demanded.
The next will honor that love,
never to be again repremanded.

For now I am at peace.
Peace within my heart.
Future love will be my choice.
Love will be the choice of my heart.

~K.D. 6 August 2002~