Do as I say always.
Don't dare talk back.
I will punish you my way.
I will not give you a smack.

This is abuse too,
no matter what he calls it.
You must do,
whatever he insists.

Yet all the time,
he goes his own way.
Leaving you to sit and pine.
Wondering, will he come today.

Heaven forbid that you move.
Go see someone or visit.
Because he WILL disapprove,
and most likely punish for it.

So what do you do but sit,
and maybe pout a little.
But it matters not if you fidget,
he is always ready to belittle.

You have to realize,
that it does not matter to him.
You must visualize,
for yourself a world of freedom.

He will promise his love.
But always it is conditional.
You have to learn to move,
away from his eyes ever watchful.

Even if you must stand alone.
Your true friends will be there.
After all is said and done.
They will always be there.

~~K.D. 26 June 2002~~