1. Always respect other players.

2. When participating in a tournament, always display
your ladder name when setting your board.

3. We are here for fun and entertainment, not for drama
and viciousness, if you have a problem with another player or with a staff member please keep it in im, we will work to fix the situation without confrontation or public displays of immaturity.

4. Only mega, when you are called to play, OR you are the hosting TD.

5. Abusive, abrasive and obnoxious behavior will result in one warning, if continued, we have no choice but to box you for the appropriate time.

6. Sexually explicit gestures are not allowed at any time. The first time a player will be given a warning by a td, the second warning the player will be boxed for 2 days and the third warning, the player will be banned from the ladder.

7. Effective 11/28/07, only the newest TE version of the Backgammon game may be used in tourneys.  If you don't have it, you will have to download it to compete in tourney games.