Welcome to Cr8tive Pixels Paints. This is a ADULT PAINT SHOP, WITH ADULT IMAGES, ADULT WORDS and uncensored music. If you are under 18 YEARS OLD then please leave. We ask that everyone Sits back and relax. Feel free to shop for AV'S and keep the Painters VERY busy here. There are a few games linked in the left frame for your entertainment while you are here for your visit with Us. Most important thing to remember is to enjoy your stay. Thank You All very much. Your Cr8tive staff


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We are hireing AV Painters, and Cutters here @ Cr8tive Pixels. Your Painters at the time are selene.- & Legit- The AV Cutter is selene.- If you would like to be staff here please enquire about Painting or Cutting AV'S at the shop with selene_L If you would like to have your shop linked please get ahold of Legit- about that. He does the page work for Cr8tive Pixels. We hope you enjoy your Visit. TY Cr8tive Staff



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