Tournament Rules

1.  DO NOT Rename your gameboard, just set it so that TE Backgammon 
board version is displayed along with your name.

2.  Please set your game for a minimum of 3 players so the TD may join.

3.  Boots will be timed 5 minutes starting at the time of boot with a 
limit of 3 boots per game.  If you are the setter and unable to resume 
the game from the time of boot, your opponent will try setting it.   If 
that does not work, you will be given the loss.

4.  If there is no clear rule on a situation, either by Case rules or 
room rules, the TD will have the final decision.

6.  Loser will call game in capital letters.  This makes it easier for 
the TD to see calls.  If you think the TD has missed your call or 
gotten it wrong, please bring it to his/her attention.

8.  Setter must keep game open until game has been called.

9.  Please wait until your opponent is out of the game before you 
close.  (This is just common courtesy.)

10.  Time will start when a game is announced.  You have 5 minutes to 
set or join the game.  If the time expires, you will be declared the 
loser of the match. Please try to keep your matches to 10 minutes maximum, 
this will help with keeping tournaments on time

11.  Please keep your conversations and im's to a minimum while playing 
in a game.  It makes things go faster and smoother.

12.  Please don't im the TD in charge unless it is important and has to 
do with the game being played.

13.  TD has final say in all matters....End of story!

14.  Once a decision is made by the TD and disarray continues in the 
room, you will be given 1 warning to cease arguing and then you will be 
removed from the tournament.  If the arguing persists, you will be boxed 
for 2 days, then 5 days, then you will be banned.....Period!

15.  Effective 11/28/07, only the newest TE version of the Backgammon 
game may be used in tourneys.  If you don't have it, you will have to download 
it to compete in tourney games.

Thank you all for your support and membership in this league.  We 
appreciate every one of you.  We're here to have fun and a few laughs and 
hopefully these rules will make things smoother for everyone.